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Behold the great mechanism
A marvel of bio-engineering
Enforcing perceptions
Manipulating to manifest physical form

This creation a most magnificent construct
Inabilities of cognizance gone, reflections of causality are cast
Attempting to impede on the true design
Senseless assumptions in their quest to find secrets hidden within

Their arrogance shall be answered
For who are they to question at all
The will of the infallible
A genetic enigma anomaly

Numerous possibilities enshrouded in mystery
By-products of an evolutionary process
Or was it something of legend?
Life's immortal call always to be sought after
A yearning for truth
What are our origins?
Blind devotion unquestioned
Consumed by obsession

(Solo: Matt)
(Solo: Blake)

I am but mortal man
Born of flesh and blood
Master of my fate and my own destiny
I will serve no one

I am boundless controlled by none
Could the grand architects be willing to share, their wealth of knowledge?
Behind our existence
Master schematic behind our purpose

Or are we lost unto ourselves by the cruel hand that is mere chance?
Tampering with the prospects of extending our reign
Attempts to gain control over the genesis of our own structure
Reach exceeding our own grasp
I am but mortal man born of flesh and blood
Master of my fate and my own destiny

Humanity is cast unto the darkness
The fabric of existence collapses unto itself
Sealing our fate unto the great abyss
Enveloped in darkness for all eternity and time



from Eradication Of The Subservient, released August 27, 2016
Humanoid in Form




all rights reserved


Cesspool of Corruption Dallas, Texas

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