Eradication Of The Subservient

by Cesspool of Corruption

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Brett MacIntosh
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Brett MacIntosh Fantastic EP. Great vocal range, nice bass tone that is easily audible with sweet drums and awesome, well composed solos. Favorite track: Humanoid In Form.
Redhorn thumbnail
Redhorn Album is sick. Brutal as hell and actually interesting. All songs feel unique. Bass is actually audible which is badass. Cant wait to hear more from these guys. Favorite track: Technological Enslavement.
ParrotsAway thumbnail
ParrotsAway An unrelenting "forward march" of pummeling and villainous tried n' true death metal. Creative bass lines lurk in, and leap from, the shadows cast by the furious riffing and steady drumming with brutal effectiveness. Scratches even the most elusive itch for no-nonsense death metal. Favorite track: Humanoid In Form.
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Debut release for Dallas based Death Metal band Cesspool Of Corruption


released August 27, 2016

Cesspool of Corruption is:
Matt Leach-Guitar
Blake Humphrey-Guitar/Vocals
Mike Leach-Bass/Vocals
Brennan Shackelford-Drums

Guitars/Bass recorded by Irving Lopez and Brad Luttrell at Imperial Mind Engineering
Drums/Vocals recorded by Garry Brents at GAB Recordings
Mixed/Mastered by Brad Luttrell at Imperial Mind Engineering
Artwork by Mfa Xii
Layout by Jonathan Hatley
Photography by Roger Shackelford
All music and lyrics written and arranged by Cesspool of Corruption



all rights reserved


Cesspool of Corruption Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Ubiquitous Presence
Serve the omnipotent
A slave to creation
Controlling all He sees
Remaining cloaked in mysteria

Watching and waiting
Constantly judging
All of humanity consumed
Living to serve
Blind faith takes its course
And follow's through on His plan

Autonomous entity
Seemingly omnipresent
Causing unrestlessness
Relentlessly cursing all

Influencing by will alone
Manifesting Its way into our world
Each life draws more
Its life force grows
How to instate
A deconstructed concept
Of our own design
And obtain truths
He has enslaved us
We cannot be free
Enthralled by the hand of the creator
That refuses to show its face

Answers to be
Revealed to us
...Truth to our existence
Destined to be doomed, to servitude
Enlightened search for answers to solace


Escape the confines of morality
Embrace the grasp of rationality
Track Name: Technological Enslavement
Our world constantly evolving
So ever changing, always adapting, forever shifting
Humanity's desire seeking to improve
To connect with the greatest of ease
Why do we choose the convenient path?
Constantly searching for instant connections
So carefully integrated in our lives
Enslaved by technology

Only to provide degradation
Instilling it into all
Such an impersonal life to live
Depriving us of most basic and gratifying needs

Humanity robbed of contact

Desensitizing, Creation of emotionless horde
Dissension cast unto our race
Scourged destiny uncertain
Endangered by the prospect of slavery
By autonomous artificial intelligence
Who's creator is deemed the enemy?

(Solo: Matt)

Are we to be guided by destiny's eternal hand?
Or are we to be presented with our darkest days?
And all succumb to this most definite horror

Only to provide degradation
Instilling it into all
Such an impersonal life to live
Depriving us of most basic and gratifying needs
Track Name: Emergence Of Truth
Lies that have formed deep in the unfaithful minds
What I've seen is trust betrayed through my own eyes
We must find truth buried beneath the faceless lies
Time has come for the truth to finally emerge

I transcend these barriers through the process of rational thought
Obtain the knowledge, indulging in the pleasure's of one's self
I a being of pure consciousness
Refuse to follow the path that they have lead

Masking an illusion, their words have spread lies
Like a poison that infects deep inside your mind
An attempt to breed misconceptions into our thoughts
I have but one call to action

Free your mind, now is the time
For you to construct your own destiny
Leave behind this shattered wretched dying world
Open your eyes, the secrecy shall be revealed

Begin to question, seek answers to the lies preached
Underneath this falseness lies a truth that must be freed
Erase the secrets that blind you from reality
Behold the fallacy that has kept you from the truth you seek

Emergence of truth
I want to believe
The truth is out there
I cannot believe
What I have seen
Is this reality?

Break free from the chains that bind
And see the facts through your own eyes
The power lies within ourselves
For us to strengthen our own minds

Time has come for the truth to emerge
We find the key deep inside the minds who deceive
And who we once believed
They have become our darkest loathing enemy


Emergence of truth
I want to believe
The truth is out there
I cannot believe
What I have seen
Is this reality?
Track Name: Eradication Of The Subservient
Enslave the will of the people
Weak and wrought
Their fear crippling them
Tearing them down from the inside

Void filled with a false sense of purpose
To remain subservient
The senses dulled, the brain is numb
With subliminal messages

Absorbed through the subconscious
Forced upon populous
Visual and sonic senses polluted
Now broken and torn they Slave

Never to feel wealth, prestige, or power
Their self values stripped away
Shell of what was once man (Is) all that shall remain
To toil and labor

Be pacified and accept your meager existence
So pathetic...

...That when the time is right you will be taken to fields
Turned red of blood, as the subservient are eradicated


Of the Subservient

You are eradicated!
Track Name: Humanoid In Form
Behold the great mechanism
A marvel of bio-engineering
Enforcing perceptions
Manipulating to manifest physical form

This creation a most magnificent construct
Inabilities of cognizance gone, reflections of causality are cast
Attempting to impede on the true design
Senseless assumptions in their quest to find secrets hidden within

Their arrogance shall be answered
For who are they to question at all
The will of the infallible
A genetic enigma anomaly

Numerous possibilities enshrouded in mystery
By-products of an evolutionary process
Or was it something of legend?
Life's immortal call always to be sought after
A yearning for truth
What are our origins?
Blind devotion unquestioned
Consumed by obsession

(Solo: Matt)
(Solo: Blake)

I am but mortal man
Born of flesh and blood
Master of my fate and my own destiny
I will serve no one

I am boundless controlled by none
Could the grand architects be willing to share, their wealth of knowledge?
Behind our existence
Master schematic behind our purpose

Or are we lost unto ourselves by the cruel hand that is mere chance?
Tampering with the prospects of extending our reign
Attempts to gain control over the genesis of our own structure
Reach exceeding our own grasp
I am but mortal man born of flesh and blood
Master of my fate and my own destiny

Humanity is cast unto the darkness
The fabric of existence collapses unto itself
Sealing our fate unto the great abyss
Enveloped in darkness for all eternity and time